Funding amount:

Project Description:

The Destination Pembrokeshire Partnership works together to deliver a very broad range of tourism services and support to the wider tourism sector.

The partnership’s aims and objectives are:

  • Working together to achieve common goals
  • Promoting Pembrokeshire as a holiday destination
  • Continued growth outside the main summer months
  • Improving quality
  • Improving the environment, infrastructure and cultural resources
  • Improving business efficiency and profitability.

Recent engagement with the sector has indicated a need to develop the Pembrokeshire Destination Management Plan from its current early draft stage to a fully worked up and professionally published strategy that has the buy in of the whole sector.  This would be a focused piece of work which could be undertaken at the same time as the feasibility study on the basis that the engagement we have already done has provided a clear steer that there is buy in for the development of a single tourism organisation.

Project Outcomes:

The Project set out to develop a new Pembrokeshire Destination Management Plan and a feasibility study and implementation plan on the creation of a new tourism organisation. In addition to destination marketing activity, the Project also aimed to provide a strategic voice for tourism and delivering training, advice and support to the sector, as well as ensuring that sustainable tourism opportunities is a priority within the local development plan.

The Project outcomes were achieved and the new study has been approved by all the relevant governing bodies and will include a five-year funding agreement which will protect budgets for that period and thus avoid the decline forecast in the application should no action be taken.

The Project team tell us that ‘the process of bringing all the tourism sector together to agree a new five-year strategy has strengthened our partnership approach’’. Visit Wales have been very complimentary about the new strategy and the work on creating a new organisation. They are more likely as a result to provide funding, which was also highlighted in the application as an issue.

 “The project went very smoothly and was a great opportunity to bring the tourism sector together to agree priorities for the next five years. Work on the destination management organisation was challenging but very rewarding, and ultimately should lead to improved outcomes in the sector.”

Project News:

The Pembrokeshire Destination Marketing Plan is available below. 

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