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EAFRD (WG RC_RDP Wales) contribution

Working with local groups and researchers to develop a pocket-book telling the heritage of Welsh place names across the rural county.

This project will work across the rural county borough with children, young people and adults to develop a reference book on the history and heritage of Bridgend through its place names.

Activities include workshops, clubs and special interest days within the context of the book. In partnership with the many history and heritage groups across the county, residents will be offered the opportunity to determine which content would be explored and which stories and pictures are included in the book.

Residents and visitors either taking part in its development, or receiving a copy of the finished book will be able to understand the reasons behind the names, learn new Welsh words which make up those place names, and be able to tell the story of their street, town, school or village.

No such comprehensive research on the place names of Bridgend currently exists, although there is plenty of existing knowledge that can be mobilised and brought together to work on this rural county-wide piece of work.


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Rhiannon Hardiman
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