Knowledge Transfer Schemes support the agricultural and forestry sector to become resilient and competitive in the long term and helps to reduce the reliance on public subsidy in future, 

The scheme deals with the tough economic challenges. An integrated and holistic package of support that is offered to farm and forestry businesses to support and encourage activities that will enable farming and forestry businesses to increase their profitability and efficiency as well as improve their environmental performance. To complement the advisory services, knowledge transfer and innovation provision, it offers physical assets on agricultural holdings and investments in farm infrastructure related to the development, adaptation and modernisation of farms and forestry businesses. 

Investment in physical assets is dependent on appropriate knowledge transfer participation. 

Capital investments are targeted at addressing on-farm production and resource efficiencies across all sectors of agriculture including horticulture and helps to address issues relating to animal health and welfare, crop storage, production housing and handling, soil and crop production and renewable energy production.