Advice To Go

Advice To Go is a pilot project and a new approach to delivering the Citizens Advice service in a rural, widely dispersed county. It will test new approaches to the service. (LD-CL.004).

Advice To Go  (LD-CL007) will be able to log the number of stakeholders engaged at each location.

The  project aligns to Theme 3 – exploring new ways of providing non statutory services. The advice given to local people will support and develop capacity and resilience within Ceredigion’s rural communities particularly at a time of rising cost of living and energy prices.

The project fits into the Ceredigion Local Development Strategy in that it:

  • Will inform Ceredigion Citizens Advice on its future project development in delivering services to the whole of the county;
  • It is a pilot project for the charity – testing whether mobile advice is more accessible for local people than having a static office in one location. It will test if this method of delivering advice will reach people before they are at crisis point with issues particularly debt and income management;
  •  Advice To Go will enable Ceredigion Citizens Advice to build its capacity to deliver advice services to all parts of the county and provide data for more ambitious grant bids to other funders;

Ceredigion Citizens Advice relies heavily on volunteers. Advice To Go will offer outreach opportunities to volunteers. We would hope to also recruit local volunteers by raising our profile with local outreach sessions;

Project details

Funding amount:
EAFRD (WG RC_RDP Wales) contribution
Funding source:
LEADER Local Development Fund


Juliet Morris
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