Amser i Fentro

This initiative will be a continuation of the ‘Llwyddo’n lleol 2050’ project which aimed to challenge the perception amongst young people that you must leave to succeed. The Llwyddo’n Lleol project provided a brilliant opportunity for the young people of Gwynedd and Anglesey, to take part in a 10-week scheme, helping them to plan, and think of their future. This included guidance and mentoring through the support of local experts, to develop an idea into a thriving business plan.

The aim of the Amser i Fentro project will be to build upon the work undertaken during the 10 weeks and allow the group of young people (either self employed, students or in full time employment) to receive further support to develop their business ideas without a reduction in income.  

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LEADER Local Development Fund
Welsh Cooperation Projects


Rhys Gwilym
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