Byw a Bod Performwyr

This project seeks to pilot an innovative approach that will introduce language and culture to visitors to Gwynedd through artistic performances.  This will be achieved by working with 5 performing art undergraduates and establishing a pop up theatre company that will deliver a range of performances over the summer months. Tourism is a major employer in Gwynedd and contributes significantly to the economy.  However, the regions language and culture is rarely given a platform within the industry as it may not be considered to have real economic value.  This corresponds to the challenge identified in the Gwynedd LDS of identifying ways of adding value to language and culture. 
Therefore, in addition to engaging with tourists to Gwynedd there will also be an emphasis on raising awareness within the tourism industry itself.  This will be achieved by collaborating with the main attractions in the county to provide theatrical activities on site.  The aim would be to de mystify the language and culture and present it as a unique resource which can be presented along with regions other assets e.g. landscape, food and environment. Arloesi will work with Cwmnir Frn Wen, which is a theatre company that delivers artistic programme in schools, theatres, community centres and less familiar venues such as beaches, shops and nightclubs across North West Wales and beyond.  Cwmnir Frn Wens core objective is to inspire, excite and challenge children and young people and is therefore best placed to support the project.


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LEADER Local Development Fund


Rachel Roberts
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