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CLERA CEREDIGION is a performance project which will recognise and celebrate our heritage as well as the strengths and events of our modern community. It will happen on a small, individual and local scale. Rural isolation has worsened because of COVID19 leading to an over-reliance on centralised, and to a degree, impersonal mass media. But during the first lockdown the sound of clapping was heard one afternoon on a street in Aberystwyth; two wandering street musicians were being applauded by a small family who had come out for a daily walk. 

Usually we pass ‘buskers’ without paying any attention to them but this occurrence showed the desire and need for live, local and importantly, crowd-free entertainment. Considering the above two points – increasing isolation and the desire for live local entertainment – CTAG’s aim for the 2021 Summer term (April- July) is to create a series of live performance items, under the ‘Our stories’ theme. Eight performers, being actors, storytellers, dancers, musicians, a poet, choreographer, and photographer will collaborate with the director of the company to create small individual performances – with every individual element being a part of one thematic patchwork. They will travel to different areas in the county, arriving like ‘minstrels’ of yore – namely, wandering bards and musicians. 

They will parade like colourful and exotic virtual figures through a village or town, distancing themselves from each other and the public, before all of them, individually, go to the garden or front of individual houses or to a village square to present ‘micro’ performances. 

Because of COVID19 restrictions there will not be a large amount of advertising to attract hordes of people and the performers will not stay long enough in one place to attract an audience. But we will contact community organisations and organisers whilst preparing the project, allowing people to apply for a visit to their house, garden or farm to perform for the family – or arrange a visit as a ‘surprise’ for someone else. 

The ‘Our stories’ theme will include local legends and stories and traditional songs alongside current and recent stories and news.

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EAFRD (WG RC_RDP Wales) contribution
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LEADER Local Development Fund
Clera Ceredigion


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