CMI Community Resilience and Nature Park Proposal

This project will deliver key elements in the CMIcic business plan (Appendix 3) to enable business development, encourage collaborative and partnership working, to develop the recognition of the CM as a distinct tourism destination, and to explore an innovative approach to sustainable development of the area based on the principles of the successful Parcs Naturels model in France. 

Key elements of the project will be:

  1. To build and support the CM as a destination by strengthening the CM Tourism Network, developing integrated working patterns across the organisations with a tourism / destination remit in the CM and building the CM brand.
  2. To work within local communities and with business to build the economy of the area that benefits from and supports the distinct cultural and high-nature value landscape of the CM; forging and strengthening formal and informal networks of producers, businesses and communities across the CM; promoting integrated working and brandbuilding / recognition.
  3. To investigate with CM communities the establishment of the area as a ‘Parc Natur’ or similar based on the French Parcs Naturels (Appendix 4). This innovative model, adapted to the Welsh context, has been proposed as one which will be highly suitable for promoting and embedding sustainable development in the CM, raising the profile of the CM UK-wide and acting as a focus for integrated working across the area. In France, it is based on a boundary that is self-defined by a rural area recognised for the importance of its natural and cultural assets. It has been proposed that the purpose of the Parc Natur in the CM could be to protect and enhance the natural, social and cultural environment by putting in place a sustainable development plan for economic, social, cultural and heritage development. However, this purpose will be refined and adapted based on the needs identified by CM communities. 

The purpose would be underpinned by a locally-drawn-up Charter setting out the objectives of the Park with an opt in / opt out approach, allowing individual communities to decide whether or not to sign the Charter.

  • To improve the sustainability of CMI by exploring and developing new funding streams.

Project details

Funding amount:
EAFRD (WG RC_RDP Wales) contribution
Funding source:
LEADER Local Development Fund


Ieuan Joyce

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