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The project will establish a network of coding clubs in Conwy. The project will see collaboration between Conwy primary schools, Conwy County Council and Coleg Meirion-Dwyfor, to deliver a series of workshops and ongoing support aimed at establishing coding clubs in primary schools across Conwy and provide opportunities for Conwy children to learn how to code.

As well as providing training and support for the children and teachers at the rural schools, Chrome books have been purchased for the schools without or with only a limited supply of IT equipment.

Code is what tells computers what to do. Behind every computer program, game, app etc. there is code. Everything that is computerised or digitised relies on code. The demand for people with coding skills is continually increasing as our world becomes more computerised. Coding clubs teach children computational thinking and coding skills, enabling them to create their own computer games and apps, turning them from digital consumers into digital creators.

With the introduction of the Digital Competency Framework into the school curriculum in Wales, children are being introduced to the concept of coding at school. However, coding is only a small part of the Digital Competency Framework; this project will allow children to develop their skills beyond the classroom, providing challenges that will take their coding skills to a far higher level than would be achieved within the classroom alone.

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LEADER Local Development Fund
Triumph for rural Conwy Coding Club students


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