Community Foundation Trust Fund For Pembrokeshire

Investigation and research the best model and processes needed to effectively start a Pembrokeshire Trust Fund.

By investing in Pembrokeshire projects that have a mix of community members, investors and customers will be boosting the Pembrokeshire economy.  The interest from these investments will then be put back into the future grant pot, which will allow the annual grant offer to be raised and distributed entirely in Pembrokeshire and not dependant on external factors.  Pembrokeshire citizens supporting community development within the county for generations to come.

The aim is to develop an investment fund with regular donations and legacies; to then use the annual interest from investments to offer a LEADER –style pot of funding once EU funds have ended.  

The goal will be to plan for an investment fund that will have over £20M of investments over a period of 10 years and that the investment from the fund will see an average of 4% return.  The investment fund will seek to invest in local and regional social enterprises and cooperatives.


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LEADER Local Development Fund


Cris Tomos
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01834 860965
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