Community Leadership Academy

The purpose of the pilot project was to establish a Community Leadership Academy, which subsequently became known as “Academi Bro” for 18-30 year olds whilst working in partnership with various agencies in Ceredigion; Cered, Theatr Felinfach and IAITH Cyf. 

The project also worked with a number of other prominent groups and organisations in Ceredigion. 

The aim was to increase local capacity to ensure Welsh speaking neighbourhoods and sustainable bilingual communities in Ceredigion. The Academi Bro targeted young people from across Ceredigion.

Positive feedback was received from students and the public who attended the open sessions. The students benefited in a variety of ways, everyone's expectations were different and the course contributed to an increase in the confidence of many individuals. From the nature of the course, the results of its results will be seen in years to come as the individuals who attended have matured and devoted themselves further to their communities.

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LEADER Local Development Fund
Community Leadership Academy Student 2016/17


Meleri Richards
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01545 572063
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