Conwy Pre-school Support Scheme Rural

To pilot a new way of delivering support to children with additional learning needs and their families to access early years education and childcare provision in a local setting of their choice and to update ICT equipment and Practices in keeping with current Technological and Legislative developments.

A suitably qualified/experienced support worker was recruited, inducted and trained to work with the Early Years settings to provide ongoing support to identified children with Additional Learning needs and /or Behavioural difficulties. This support would support children to continue to attend a Mainstream setting of their choice with their peers. This would have an impact on the families/carers of those children. 

Information and feedback will be collected to inform a further funding bid to other sources, to expand the project to recruit further support workers to safeguard the provision of support to the children and their families. 

ICT equipment and systems would be in place and available for the Scheme staff to work within current Legislation and Technology frameworks. 

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LEADER Local Development Fund


Elen Edwards
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01492 576 673
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