Conwy Rural Schools Coding Project Part 2

This is a follow on project to our first project, where we will follow the previous Year 6 pupils through into high school. This is traditionally a difficult transition and we want to ensure they continue learning, hopefully to encourage them to continue towards GCSEs.The project will provide young people with the skills to acquire highly paid jobs in the area, helping us retain our best talent here in North Wales.

Code is what tells computers what to do. Behind every computer program, game, app etc. there is code. Everything that is computerised or digitised relies on code. The demand for people with coding skills is continually increasing as our world becomes more computerised. Coding clubs teach children computational thinking and coding skills, enabling them to create their own computer games and apps, turning them from digital consumers into digital creators.

These will have an initial day of two sessions to familiarize staff with the coding required and a follow up half day session once the programme has been running for a few weeks. 

There will also be three follow up sessions in each school to ensure the clubs are running smoothly and staff feel confident in delivering them.

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LEADER Local Development Fund


Meira Woosnam
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