Developing Brecon Heritage and Cultural Network

This application is a collaborative partnership with leadership coming from Brecon Cathedral who recognise the importance of developing this network both for Brecon and for the cathedral itself. The Network will bring together Brecon’s heritage & cultural attractions, community organisations, Brecon Town Council’s new Information Centre: Visit Brecon, Brecon Beacons Tourism and Powys County Councils Tourism Unit. Stakeholders will also include the wider tourism and business community to enable an innovative bottom-up digital marketing infrastructure.

Project Purpose

The purpose of the Brecon Heritage & Cultural Network is to provide a united approach to raising awareness of the town’s rich heritage and the vibrancy of its cultural & artistic life. This will be achieved through the coordinated development of innovative digital marketing solutions to maximise the economic, environmental and social benefits for project partners, businesses, employees, residents and visitors. 

The Aims

•    To create a new ‘Brecon Heritage & Cultural Network’ to enable project partners to work together in delivering bottom-up marketing activity in a way that is new, relevant and sustainable
•    To consult and engage with project partners, staff, volunteers and community groups, and provide them all with training in their project role in researching stories and providing content
•    To create dynamic marketing content including: data, imagery and video 
•    To research & develop an innovative and sustainable digital solution for both planning and making content accessible for use by partners, businesses and local, regional and national marketing organisations and for increasing distribution to extend reach
•    To enable innovative digital marketing campaigns: including packaging of unique cultural experiences and delivering collaborative social media by bringing together community organisations to work with the heritage, cultural & tourism sector, to deliver the service


1.    To recruit a minimum of 10 partners from Heritage and Cultural organisations that reflect the range and depth of Brecons’ heritage and the vibrancy of the cultural and artistic life of the town. Target date: December 2018.
2.    To consult and engage with stakeholders in the project by undertaking a series of presentations and workshops with partners and community groups. Target: 100 stakeholders reached with minimum 10% from protected characteristic’s (Equality Act 2010)
3.    To research and produce stories to interpret the heritage and culture of Brecon, our partners and stakeholders, in a range of formats, for use across digital platforms. Target: Stories to be interpreted and produced in both Welsh & English in a wide range of digital formats to include one new digital innovation
4.    To undertake an audit of the partners’ current marketing, in terms of websites and social media to identify new, innovative ways to use the existing digital infrastructure to plan, collect, store & distribute content.  This will support a joined-up approach to planning and marketing and deliver a new service for marketing organisations and local businesses. Target: A new & relevant innovative digital service developed & agreed for use by partners by December 2019
5.    To engage with community organisations to recruit volunteers to join in collaborative social media campaigns that package and represent Brecon’s heritage and culture. Target: minimum 10 active social media champions
6.    To facilitate the exchange of knowledge and information between partners.  This will enable a joined-up approach and secure a commitment to provide help in-kind support for the Brecon Heritage & Cultural Network. Target: initially 1 day a month for 18 months and then on-going









Project details

Funding amount:
EAFRD (WG RC_RDP Wales) contribution
Funding source:
LEADER Local Development Fund
Arwain, the LEADER Programme in Powys - Case Studies
Developing Brecon Heritage and Culture Network


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