Dunes to Dunes: Sustainable Management of Bridgend Coastal Landscape

The focus of this project spreads across and between the dune landscapes of the Kenfig Burrows and Merthyr Mawr Warren dune systems in South Wales.  

The projects aims to build a lasting collaboration of land and reserve managers, land owners, users and beneficiaries to help achieve the sustainable management of this coastal landscape to improve biodiversity and provide benefits to the local community.

Habitat management works will help improve the resilience of the dunes ecosystem with increased biodiversity, better connectivity and stability being the main focus.  The project will improve the look and accessibility of the area for visitors and enhance their experience through better signposting and advertising of walking routes and attractions.  The project aims to maximise the health and well-being opportunities of the area through accessible well maintained walking routes and quality green spaces.

The project will also work collaboratively with local businesses such as the Golf club supporting them with their ongoing sustainable performance with the ambition to achieve the GEO Certified Eco label. Work will also include woodland planting and harvesting and exploring the potential to use the wood as a renewable fuel source.

As current phase draws to a close, here is a film celebrating the achievements of the Dunes 2 Dunes Project:

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Sustainable management scheme
Dunes to Dunes: Sustainable Management of Bridgend Coastal Landscape
Dunes 2 Dunes Celebration Film


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