Dyfi Wildlife Centre

This project will create three new posts to work in our new flagship Dyfi Wildlife Centre (DWC) on the banks of the Dyfi River on Cors Dyfi Reserve, one of the few lowland peat bog habitats remaining in Wales. It will also facilitate the final architectural stages of the design of the centre, provide equipment and software provision for a state-of-the-art touchscreen for community engagement and camera equipment and software for project-based videography.

A centre based on astute environmental and sustainable technologies with carbon-positive performance, the DWC will pull together all the amenities of the current Dyfi Osprey Project under one roof, giving a far richer and immersive experience for visitors and volunteers alike.

The centre will be developed and built from the outset based on community involvement and participation. From consultation and decision-making to the actual construction and operation, the community will have a stake at every stage.

Showcasing the reserve's rich biodiversity including the Dyfi ospreys, a team of staff and 200 volunteers will communicate the cultural, industrial and natural heritage of the Dyfi River for the first time in a pioneering new centre attracting up to 60,000 visitors annually. 

ARWAIN will fund:

  • Three new posts
  • Management and Admin support
  • Architectural development (around 30% of total)
  • Audio-visual equipment for engagement, education, promotion and publicity
  • 86-inch Touchscreen for community engagement
  • Bespoke software (App) for above touchscreen

The principle objectives for the overall DWC project are:

  • to build a fit for purpose, energy efficient centre to accommodate the staff, volunteers, visitors and learners who visit the nature reserve
  • to provide a central hub serving the local community and visitors that brings together the heritage of the Dyfi River and provides a space for use by community groups, artists and organisations
  • to double the current number of volunteers and provide a broader range of volunteering opportunities
  • to develop additional management strategies for the peat bog habitat by facilitating the introduction of beavers to an enclosure on the reserve

We believe this project matches very closely with many of the LEADER principles:

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LEADER Local Development Fund


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