Feasibility Study/Outline Business Plan for Community Hub on Pennard Playing Field

To provide evidence of need and a business plan in order to proceed to funding applications for planning permission and surveys and completion of a Community Hub which will significantly improve the offer of facilities within Pennard and its surrounding wards.

Pennard Community, Current Playing Field Users Including:
●    Pennard Cricket Club
●    AFC Pennard
●    Pennard Carnival
●    Youth Club
●    Potential New Playing Field Users.
●    Local Small Businesses
●    Local home workers
●    Party Hirers
●    Club events 
●    existing and potential Hall stakeholders due to increased facilities (who would benefit for the dual environments)

Strategic Aim 3:        Deliver a strong economy and vibrant communities
Objective 5:               Support development of a self-sufficient rural economy
Objective 6:               Support and develop cohesive, resilient and engaged communities

In line with Strategic Aim 3, Objective 5 and 6 - the study will provide further evidence of need and will establish the priorities for the services and facilities for inclusion within the Hub e.g. Youth Cafe, multiuse hall/room, low cost shared office space as well as improved changing and shower facilities.
In line with Objective 7 the study will establish if there is a need for free WIFI at the Hub.

Project details

Funding amount:
Funding source:
LEADER Local Development Fund


Helen Grey
Telephone number:
01792 636992
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