Garw Valley Railway and Heritage Centre

The Garw Valley Railway intends to build a Heritage Centre in Pontycymer (for which there is already planning permission) to combine industrial and social heritage facilities. This project was to provide evidence of community support in relation to this and other activities (the Community Path) that will enhance the overall scheme and offer guidance to the railway Board to involve the community effectively.

The project undertook a feasibility study of how to maximise the community use at the proposed Heritage centre on the Garw Valley Railway. The study included an outline the activities that increase community use of the heritage centre, the adjacent community path and how to increase community participation in activities at the centre. It will included recommendations to achieve that aim. 

The report was informed by consultation with the local community to identify what preferences exist and how community support may increase active participation. The study identified the real benefits likely to accrue to the community - business income, tourism footfall, health & well-being, education, and 'ownership' of the environment.

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