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A community consultation in the Garw Valley which is an area of deprivation, has few facilities including no youth provision, poor employment opportunities, infrastructure and public transport, identified the need for targeted youth services. 

A local charity subsequently established a junior youth club for 7-11 year olds with a target of 30 members but achieved over 200 within a year.  Due to this success the need for follow on provision for 12 – 17 years was identified and the charity approached Reach to run a pilot Youth Hub project. Consultation with this target age group was undertaken and the following provision identified -  

  • A suitable safe venue for 13-17 years olds to meet and socialise in a supervised environment
  • Provide a formal and informal approach to training and upskilling
  • Provide support and information through relative stakeholder organisations  
  • Provide sport and sport leadership training

The venue identified for the pilot Youth Hub is a local social club that is exclusively used for the project on a Monday night. No alcohol is served but the facilities including pool tables etc are available. The project is supported by Bridgend County Council Youth Services who supply two youth workers which enables them to build on the work they already do in schools in a more informal way.  

A wide range of activities and support is available at the Hub which is provided by relevant stakeholders – Drug and alcohol, health, mental health, children’s rights, self-confidence, anger management etc. A wide range of formal and informal training is provided in food hygiene, hospitality, public speaking, drama, dance leadership, youth leadership, Welsh language awareness etc.   A range of stakeholders including the Police, Fire Service, RNLI provide hands on activities such as car crash effects, lifesaving etc. Training in sport leadership is held on a different evening in the local leisure centre.

The project aims to become sustainable following the pilot project through affordable membership subscription and grant applications. 

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