Gower Flax - Fibre and Natural Colour Techniques/Development

Gower Flax CIC is a research, growing and education hub, located at Hardingsdown Farm, Llangennith. Exploring natural fibres and regenerative textile systems to develop climate beneficial fibres. 

Gower Flax will provide a nature-based solution that has a meaningful impact on well-being. Working with nature to improve health, maintain and enhance biodiversity, reduce our carbon footprint and improve our knowledge and understanding of our natural environment.  

Fibres and natural dyes will be grown, harvested and processed on site. Each stage of this process will be documented and shared with the local community digitally and through hands on volunteer days, community and school workshops and residential creative retreats. 

Linen is one of the most sustainably grown fibres, requiring no to very little in the way of inputs. Gower Flax practices organic regenerative farming and processing practices. 

The project will:  

  • share/teach heritage skills related to growing and extracting fibre - processing, spinning, knitting and weaving the fibres into workable cloth.  

  • encourage a space for sharing knowledge around natural textiles, a space for creativity, building community resilience and a feeling of well-being.  

  • educate people about how and where textiles are grown - building an awareness of the toxic processes that fast fashion fuels, people may begin to think twice about that which is needed, encouraging a decline in a throwaway culture. 

  • create more local land based sustainable growing jobs. 

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LEADER Local Development Fund
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Victoria Thomson
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01792 636992
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