Gwynedd Data

The project will demonstrate:

  1. Data can collected via community digital infrastucture e.g. community wifi, TVWS
  2. Communities can use data collected via digital infrastucture to share information with stakeholders, customers and other groups.

Gwynedd Council are in the process of installing community wifi in 10 communities which will provide the public with access to free wifi. These will be in addition to communities that have already installed the technology e.g. Caernarfon and Aberdaron.

AGW have also commissioned a feasibility into installing a wifi / broadband solution around Yr Wyddfa.  These will provide an important service for the public, however the real ‘innovation’ potential is harnessing and utilising the data.

The type of data collected can be placed in two categories. These are Personal data: This includes data the user provides for a specific purpose in exchange for access to the community wifi e.g. to receive a newsletter.  Users that register using Social Media accounts would also provide additional information e.g. age, sex, interests etc. Any use of the data would have to comply with GDPR.

General data:  This would include data regarding footfall in a particular destination at a specific time.  It could also include information about people move around a particular destination. This data would be collected via mobile phones, however it is anonymous and no personal information is collected.

Project details

Funding amount:
Funding source:
LEADER Local Development Fund
2, 5


Rachel Roberts
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01766 514 057
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