Heart of the Community Fridge

To help us with the start up costs of installing a community fridge and help us fund the initial set up admin costs as well as employing a part time co-ordinator. We see this project as being a pilot project and testing ground. We have visited the community fridge at Bloomfield Centre, Narberth, and spoken at length to co-ordinator Vicky Travers-Milne for advice and estimated costs.

We have also spoken to Aber Food Surplus, Cardigan Foodbank and joined the community fridge network run by Hubbub.

The fridge will initially be run by a part-time co-ordinator helped by a taskforce of volunteers. Work has already started on recruiting these volunteers with a bid for volunteer training, expenses and associated projects being submitted to the WCVA in mid April.

The co-ordinator plus the designated volunteer trustee and volunteers will be responsible for hygiene, stocking and managing the fridge.

Produce will be collected (by volunteers) from Tesco (and any other local food share supermarket) plus local businesses and the community including surplus garden produce.

Project details

Funding amount:
EAFRD (WG RC_RDP Wales) contribution
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LEADER Local Development Fund
Heart of the Community Fridge


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