Lewistown Field Feasibility

An opportunity has arisen for BAD Bikes Youth Project to take on a community asset transfer of Lewistown Playing Field from Bridgend County Borough Council. This project is a feasibility study to look at the financial and resource commitment needed to take on that land and maximise its community use.

The overall aim is to develop a new green space and maximise its potential to contribute to the health and well-being of the local community. The project will address poverty and social exclusion through empowering communities to act and also aims to support the wellbeing of future generations through custodianship and sustainable management of local places and spaces.

The study will identify options for renewable energy opportunities when developing options for a community building on the field. Leading by example in this development BAD Bikes aims to support local communities and community facilities to think differently about their energy and support them to make changes.

The activities to be undertaken are a consultation exercise with delivery partners and community members, a feasibility study into the likelihood of the project being achieved with various options for development of the ground which would culminate in a development/action plan to be taken forward in the future.

The consultation exercise will assess the need and desirability of the project from both the community, third sector and public sector partners.

The feasibility study will include whether this would be possible, including the likelihood of planning permission due to the current covenant on the land, logistics of access, different building options from modular container buildings to self-build units, costings of development and running costs.

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