Nature Isn't Neat

This project will develop an area based pilot approach (village or town) to becoming a Pollinator Friendly area. It will engage with stakeholders to raise awareness to the need for all pollinators and what actions each of us can do to help reverse the decline in pollinators. Building on the BEES project (Breeding, Education, Environment and Skills Share) and working directly to support the cooperation project approved by the LAG it will link directly to supporting the increase in bees keepers, development of BEES and education in primary schools. The key outputs for this project will be to :

  • Develop a partnership with Bee Friendly Monmouthshire and other groups to develop a “campaign” style approach to raising awareness and education to the need of pollinators.
  • The partnership will work towards the establishment of a pilot programme of engagement for (initially) one town in Monmouthshire as a pollinator friendly town – Neonicotinoids free and look at other options which will support the pollinators.
  • To develop a programme which can be replicated by other towns.
  • To provide an integrated approach to policy development within MCC and other relevant organisations in order to adopt a pollinator friendly policy.
  • To work towards the establishment of a code of action that can be referred to by operatives to ensure good working practices. This will include developing understanding and changing the regime of cutting of species rich verges.
  • Support the development of training for MCC operatives (and relevant others) in understanding which areas should be left un-cut and the consequences of existing management regimes to the environment.
  • Raising awareness within the communities by relevant and varied methods.
  • Develop links and support for the current BEES project with the Nature isn’t Neat programme.


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LEADER Local Development Fund
Vale of Usk


Deserie Mansfield
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01633 748319
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