Ogmore Valley 5 year Strategy and SMART Action Plan Plan

The project will enable the Ogmore Valley Community Council (OVCC) to engage a consultant to carry out comprehensive consultation with the residents in the Ogmore Valley and stakeholders, to identify the needs and priorities for the valley.

Using this information and considering local, regional and national plans and strategies, the consultant will work with the OVCC to produce a 5-year Strategy and a SMART Action Plan for the Ogmore Valley.

The Strategy and SMART Action Plan will enable the OVCC to prioritise its work and direct its funding over the next 5 years. It will also enable them to align with regional and national priorities and plans and capitalise on related funding opportunities. The OVCC are already working with Reach Rural Development on a number of projects in the Ogmore Valley which will be included in the Strategy and SMART Action Plan. 

The OVCC wish to identify overarching themes, which will direct their future work and funding e.g. Environmental, community, health and well-being, housing, transport and employment. These themes will be determined through the consultation feedback and consideration of national and local strategies and priorities. 

The Ogmore Valley benefits from the Pant y Wal Community Windfarm Fund, which provides £100,000 per annum for 25 years for community grants which started being distributed in 2019. It is an open grant scheme where the OVCC advertise and vet applications and make recommendations to the Wind Farm Grant Committee who make the final decision. The Community Council will use the consultation feedback to work with the Windfarm Fund holders to see if they can direct the funding criteria so that applications fit with the Strategy and contribute to delivering the identified priorities.

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