Porthcawl Seascape

The project will enable visitors to discover the old and the new Porthcawl, tracing its evolution based on its relationship with the Sea during the Year of Seascape - Year of the Sea.

The project will raise awareness of the forthcoming attractions and facilities being supported through the TAD Programme - planned to launch during the Year of Discovery. Year of Seascape will enhance Porthcawl seafront and promote the destination in an innovative and contemporary way.

The project will include the following elements:

  • Promenade Alive – The Porthcawl seafront will be brought to life with contemporary and traditional street theatre.
  • Seascape events – featuring a night surf spectacular, world record attempt at 200 surfers on one wave and using fire to depict the history and heritage of Porthcawl.
  • Immersion Room - offering a unique opportunity to Surf, Stand Up Paddle Board or Kayak, without getting wet. Seascape Story Board - High quality, on brand, large scale seascape images sited along the lower promenade. Seascape digital – Digitising archive footage of Porthcawl.

Project details

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Funding source:
Regional Tourism Engagement Fund (RTEF)


Ieuan Sherwood
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