Refurbishment of car park and toilets at Dunraven Bay

"The Vales Destination Plan objectives include developing a prosperous visitor economy and with the main beach car park and the car park to the Heritage Coast Centre in a poor state of repair, the local authority recognises the need to upgrade the basic infrastructure of the area to help improve the visitor appeal. Therefore works proposed: 

• resurfacing of the main beach hard standing car park, surfacing of the small car park to the side of the Heritage centre and the resurfacing of the public forecourt to the front of the Heritage Coast Centre. The works will ensure that there are adequate areas for disabled access/ parking; the parking areas are clearly marked, improving traffic flow on site and maximising parking space. 
• Safe pedestrian walkways areas, ensuring that visitors accessing the site will benefit from improved access and a direct route onto the Wales Coastal Path. 
• a total refurbishment of the external toilet block at the Heritage Coast Centre; each toilet will be fitted with energy efficient hand dryers and energy efficient light systems 
• improvements to the shower/wet room to ensure that it complies with DDA regulations and that it is fit for use by all including ramp access into the facility. This new wet changing area will enable community groups and third party commercial organisations the opportunity to develop their product offer and help develop the site as a focal point for outdoor waterbased activities. 
• new methods of refuse/litter storage and collection to enable the site to meet Blue Flag status. 
• Improvements to the main signage at the visitor centre. "

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Tourism Amenity Investment Support (TAIS)

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