Rural Conwy Community Renewable Energy Project

A feasibility study to scope out the potential of developing a community pico-hydro scheme at a school location in rural Conwy.

The study would look at all primary and secondary school locations, and determine the best suited for a small development.

External specialist contractors would be procured to write the study.

In the longer-term, the feasibility study could lead onto a project to develop a pico hydroelectric scheme either through LEADER funding, the RCDF or both.

The project will commission industry specialists to conduct a desk-top survey, of all school sites in rural Conwy, followed by site-visits, to determine the best possible sites to develop Pico HEP schemes. 

Locations would be categorised taking into multiple factors such as catchment area, rainfall, river head, possible power generation.
The information gathered will inform the schools of their potential for developing Pico hydro scheme. 

Project details

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LEADER Local Development Fund


Rhys Evans
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01492 576 671
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