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The impact of COVID-19 on the wool industry has highlighted the challenges farmers face, with the income of most fleeces being insufficient to cover the costs of growing and harvesting. Frequent media coverage as well as several farmers voicing opinions on the issue on social media have highlighted the case in 2020, involving various policy makers and organizations involved in economic development.

Earlier in the year, the story of Anglesey young farmer Gerallt Hughes disposing of 800 fleeces by burning it attracted national interest across a range of media. The picture below appeared in the Daily Mail in July 2020, showing a pile of fleeces from Gerallt ready to go out to burn. The series of four webinars will provide an opportunity to further discuss the challenges facing the wool industry.

The series of webinars will aim to provide space and time to continue the debate over the historically poor prices of wool in 2020, and to facilitate discussions and possible solutions going forward.

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