Green Connections Powys

Green connections volunteers

WTSWW-Brecknock were really pleased to be able to help landowners Dan and Annabel increase biodiversity at their small holding. A team of willing neighbours and volunteers from the Brecon Local Group of WTSWW planted over 200m of double width hedge and woodland extensions. This was all possible through the Green Connections Powys project. This project has received funding through the Welsh Government Rural Communities - Rural Development Programme 2014-2020, which is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Welsh Government.

Green Connections Powys was able to purchase the trees grown in the UK from UK sourced seed. A variety of species were chosen which are all found in the local area. The hedge and woodland will be managed sensitively for wildlife providing a plenty of berries, fruit, nuts and acorns.  

Tree planting


Just as we were finishing up for the day the heavens opened so they got a good watering in!  

We have been working with Dan and Annabel since April 2021. In July we held a Species Recording Day where county recorders for moths, botany, lichens, mammals and reptiles searched around the farm for evidence of as many species as possible. 80 species of moths were recorded and 100 species of plants. This data will give a baseline so that it will be possible to measure increased biodiversity in the future.

In February 2021 a team of volunteers and WTSWW staff helped Dan to restore a choked pond by clearing a large amount of vegetation from it. A few clumps of frogspawn were present in the pond already. These were lifted out into a bucket under the watchful eye of licensed amphibian expert Val Bradley and replace once we had finished.

Restoring a choked pond


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