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Phase 2

Take part in the next phase of co-design

We need:

farmers, and other members of the rural community to help us shape proposals for the Sustainable Farming Scheme.

We will be launching the next phase of co-design in Summer 2022. Register your interest here.

We will be be the data controller for any personal data you provide:

  • during your registration for, and
  • when participating in this programme of co-design.

For further information on how we use your data please see here.

Phase 1 (Completed)

Working with Menter a Busnes, we have launched a co-design programme. Last year, we made a commitment to work with farmers and other land managers. We will work with you to explore some of the more practical aspects from last year’s consultation.

We appreciate that there are many challenges at the moment. But this is an opportunity to get involved in a positive and forward looking discussion. We need your ideas and experience to help design future policy as we continue to:

  • prepare for our departure from the EU
  • tackle the climate emergency
  • produce sustainable high quality food

This co-design phase will focus on the proposed Farm Sustainability Review process. It will also comprise four main areas for action as proposed within the consultation. These include:

  • farm development opportunities - exploring ideas to support sustainable farm management, and help you make any changes. This could involve the creation of a farm development strategy. This would include ways to help you achieve short, medium and long term ambitions
  • soil husbandry - considering ideas for improved nutrient and manure management, and improving soil structure
  • habitat management - how to move from a prescriptive scheme to a farmer-led approach
  • animal health and welfare - proposals for improved action-based health planning and biosecurity on farm

The goal of co-design is not to make final decisions. It is an opportunity to learn from your experience and ideas. This will help us develop proposals further.

There are three ways to get involved:

  • an online survey, and
  • a series of one to one discussions. Due to coronavirus (COVID-19), the one to one discussions will take place via telephone. The planned group workshops have been put on hold
  • virtual workshops will be held during July

Find out more at Menter a Busnes, where you will be able to register. The survey and registration for one to one discussions and virtual workshops will be available until 30 June.

We have published a summary of responses to the Sustainable Farming and Our Land Consultation. 

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