Horticulture Development Scheme (Window 3)

The application window will open on 6, November 2023 and close on 12, January 2024.

The indicative budget allocation for this application window is £1m.

The Horticulture Development Scheme is a Capital grant scheme available to existing commercial horticultural producers across Wales. The aim of the scheme is to:

  • support existing commercial horticultural producers to develop their businesses through investment in new equipment and technology that offer clear and quantifiable benefits to the horticultural enterprise.
  • enable horticultural businesses to sustainably expand production, diversify into new crops, improve production efficiency and enhance product quality.
  • enable horticultural producers to enter new markets, increase local employment and support the rural economy as part of the green recovery from Covid-19.

The scheme is discretionary. The amount of grant offered would relate to individual circumstances and would always be the minimum amount necessary to allow the investments to go ahead.

Any changes will be publicised via the Welsh Government website, GWLAD online and, where necessary, we will contact you directly.

You can find further information and how to apply for this grant here: https://www.gov.wales/horticulture-development-scheme