Small Grants – Horticulture Start Up: Window 2

The application process for Small Grants – Horticulture Start Up Scheme is in two stages. Firstly, an Expression of Interest (EoI), if the EoI is selected you will need to complete a full application.

CLICK HERE to find further information and how to apply for the scheme.

The Expression of interest (EoI) window will open on 11 April 2023 and close on 20 May 2023.

The indicative budget allocation for this application window is £300,000.

The grant available for each applicant is £3,000

The Small Grants – Horticulture Start Up scheme is designed to support entry into the horticulture sector in Wales by encouraging the establishment of new commercial horticulture enterprises, either as a diversification within an existing agricultural business, or as stand-alone new enterprises.

In doing so, it will help to deliver the Welsh Government’s ambition for a more prosperous, green and equal Wales. Funding will encourage the use of new and emerging technology, provide opportunities to create a diversified income stream for existing Welsh farm businesses, establish new rural enterprises and create employment opportunities.

The Small Grant - Horticulture Start Up is available to individuals or businesses who wish to enter the commercial horticultural sector. The aims of the scheme are to:

  • Encourage the establishment of new commercial horticultural enterprises by offering seed funding in the form of a grant.
  • Partially mitigate the financial risk of investing in a new enterprise.
  • Attract more individuals to enter the sector.
  • Encourage the use of new and emerging technology within horticultural businesses.
  • Create a diversified income stream for existing Welsh farm businesses.
  • Establish new rural enterprises, which can create employment, opportunities for growth and sustainable local food production.
  • Respond to the Wales Community Food Strategy and encourage the supply of locally sourced food in Wales.

Applicants, if selected following EoI, will need to demonstrate at full application their projects are viable proposals with the potential to develop into sustainable enterprises.

Once a full application has been assessed, successful applicants will be offered a contract to support them to establish a new business to plant horticultural crops in spring 2024. No work should commence until after a contract has been offered.