Year of Legends and Sea

Offering inspiring workshops and networking events relating to Visit Wales’ Year of Legends and Sea.  

These sessions were aimed at anyone involved in the tourism economy from businesses to community groups and ambassadors, or has an interest in developing new events or activities.

A networking event was held at Tomos Lilford Brewery, attendees were welcome to take a tour of the brewery and hear about how local legends have inspired their brews and names. 

Talks were also given by JAM JAR PR and ‘Cardiff Mummy Says’ blogger Cathryn Scott about the importance of social media in promoting events, and creating engaging activities for the family market.

The networking session culminated in a social media group quiz, new supply chains were forged, and new event ideas were conceived.

A further opportunity was offered to learn more about local legends and the sea. This was a guided walk demonstrating the Vale Tales App, which is free to download, and is a GPS triggered app sharing local tales along each of the ten Vale Trail routes. Participants enjoyed a walk around Dunraven and learnt about the dastardly tale of Matt and the Iron Hand. 

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LEADER Local Development Fund
Vale of Glamorgan


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