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Wrexham Enterprise Hub

About Us..

The Wrexham Enterprise Hub is a Business Wales hub delivered by the team at Town Square. The hub is a convening space for businesses and the community to come together in a creative and collaborative environment to develop and grow their ideas, building a community of entrepreneurs to boost the local economy. With expert support and guidance, the hub aims to be a catalyst for tackling global issues at a local level.
No matter what stage of the journey you’re at or what your specific area of interest is in, the team will ensure that there are regular events running to help your business grow and prosper.
Joining our community gives you:
  • coworking desk space 
  • meeting areas
  • high speed internet access
  • mail handling
  • access to regular events to support the development and growth of your business
  • a fun, engaging, and productive environment
Access to the hub and events are fully funded, removing one financial barrier to making your business a success.
We’re looking for the next twenty people to join our community. You’ll receive support, access to our space, and the chance to be part of a unique community. Our mission is to help freelancers, founders, and business owners to grow successful and sustainable ventures. Whether you’ve just got an idea or you’ve been going for years and want to refocus, join us at the Wrexham Enterprise Hub. Apply now or contact 03000 6 03000 

Hub Opening Hours

8.30am - 6pm Monday to Friday
9am - 12pm Saturday
Wrexham Enterprise Hub
11-13 Rhosddu Road
LL11 1AT


The Wrexham Enterprise Hub welcomes all to its events, if you see something that’s of interest, book on and the hub staff will welcome you on the day.

Designing the future of your business – 11 March 2020, 2pm to 4pm

During this workshop you can learn how to break free from constraints and imagine truly unique ideas to shape the future of your business. 

We will work though exercises, based on design thinking and speculative design methodologies, to allow you to leave with a clear toolkit to use for the rest of your career. 

The workshop will be led by freelance designer Jordan Burns who currently helps businesses develop products, create robust strategies and send clear messages to their customers. 

Get the tools you need to make your business more competitive - 11 March 2020, 9.30am to 12.30pm

This workshop focuses on the elements of quality management to enable your business to be more competitive by reviewing your business policies, procedures, processes and resources into an efficient system designed to meet your customers’ requirements and ensuring the long term sustainability of your business.

LinkedIn for small businesses - 25 March 2020, 12.00pm to 2pm

Create a LinkedIn profile that gets you paid, promoted and looking professional. If you’re feeling your LinkedIn profile gets you nothing other than notifications, noise and nonsense when what you’re looking for is recommendations, paid work and useful conversations, then this is right up your street.

If this is something you need help with right now just book yourself on this workshop – it will help you to make a huge difference to your LinkedIn profile.

Managing your time, your workload … and yourself - 2 April 2020, 12pm to 2pm

In this workshop, author Dr Neil Thompson offers helpful guidance on how to manage your pressures effectively.

Startup Club – 9 April 2020, 5pm to 9pm

Have you been thinking about quitting the day job and starting your own business? But are you unsure of how to actually do this and worried you’ll get something wrong?

Startup Club is a 12 week programme made up of workshops delivered by industry experts that will cover all the essential topics you need to know, when thinking of setting up a business.

Lack of knowledge can be scary but so can working alone. As part of the Startup Club you’ll meet other like-minded individuals, forming a network of business collaborators & friends!

We look forward to hearing all about you and your ideas, spaces are limited so be sure to book quickly.

Facebook for small businesses - 29 April 2020, 12pm to 2pm

There's one thing you need to know about how Facebook works - and we're going to share it.

When you realise exactly how Facebook works and why, you'll never look back. This workshop will help you get more Facebook engagement and therefore more sales and more contact with your customers.



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