The benefits to business

Apprenticeships are designed around the needs of the employer and can help transform your business by offering a route to harness fresh new talent. By making the genius decision to recruit an apprentice you can:

  • Reduce costs - There are two costs associated with an Apprenticeship, the Apprentice’s wage and the cost of training. You have to pay the first cost. You don’t pay the second.
  • Create a pool of talent - By employing apprentices you will successfully build a skilled, job-specific workforce that is qualified. 
  • Expand your business – Ensure you’ve got the team to grow your business and meet the demands of which now and in the future.
  • Nurture talent – Talent that will be borne out of sector specific skills will better your ability to improve your services.
  • Fill the skills gaps in your company - By fostering the growth of key sector skills you will be able to build stronger business foundations.
  • Give your business a creative boost - Apprentices will bring a fresh new perspective, helping your business to approach tasks creatively as well as practically.
  • Inspire the future generation of geniuses  - Apprentices will work alongside experienced staff, creating a pipeline of savvy-skilled, loyal, employees.


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