Farming and Rural Crimes

Locking a door

Rural crimes are defined as theft of farm equipment, machinery or livestock or a crime such as theft or burglary where the location of the crime was recorded as farm premises or premises associated with farms.


The biggest impact for farm businesses is the loss of valuable equipment and livestock. Farmers then need to pay out significant sums of money for replacement equipment and the loss of livestock means a loss in productivity and revenue.


Ensuring all farm buildings, where valuable equipment is held, are locked securely with British Standard locks. Mark equipment with farm name and postcode and consider using a UV pen so it can be traced. Ensuring that livestock are identifiable for to your farm is also hugely important.

Report it

Call your local Police on 101. However, in an emergency always use 999. 101 is the number to call if, for example:

  • a vehicle has been stolen
  • property has been damaged
  • you’re giving information about other crime

The number can be used to report a non-emergency to any Police Force in Wales. Calls to 101 from landlines and mobile networks cost 15p per call, no matter what time of day you call or how long you are on the phone.

In an emergency, always dial 999. This is when immediate action is required, such as:

  • a crime is in progress
  • someone suspected of a crime is near by
  • someone’s life is at risk
  • someone is injured
  • there is violence being used or threatened

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