High Precision Wales


High Precision Wales’ story

Family-run manufacturing company, High Precision Wales, says apprentices allow time for business development and help to tackle a growing skills gap in their industry.

Former apprentice himself, managing director Nicky Blake said that there was an increasing requirement for qualified engineers in the specialist area in which they work.

Manufacturing elements to create products such as jigs, tools and fixtures for the automotive and aerospace industry including bespoke componentry, High Precision Wales offer copy services, reverse engineering, in-house design, 2d drawing and 3d modelling.

Teaching specific skills

Nicky, 50, from Cardiff said: “I’ve been learning about the job since I was about seven years old watching and working with my father.

“We currently employ two apprentices and a former apprentice who is fully qualified and now runs his own section. We’re such a niche employer that you don’t find people out there with these specialist skills, so we decided to employ young people who are eager to learn and teach them ourselves. By doing it this way we can teach them the specific skills and see if they are the right fit with the company.

“We have to plan for the future, we are looking to retain the skills currently served by staff members that will retire in the future. The skill set for this industry is dominated by the older generation so it’s up to us to teach the younger generation and future proof our trade.

“The main benefit for us as a business is that one of our former apprentices Sam, now runs his own section which frees me up to go out and get more business helping us increase our turnover, profits and to allow us to expand.”

Achieving business goals

Manmeet Singh, 19 from Tylorstown in Pontypridd, is an award-winning apprentice currently studying his NVQ level 3 in Engineering Manufacturing.

He said: “I came to High Precision Wales on work experience and just loved that I was doing so much of the cool stuff.It is challenging but I’m enjoying learning new things every day and being given the responsibility to just have a go.

“My plan is to finish my apprenticeship and to stay with the company and help achieve their business goals.”