Wales needs more.

Chefs, Bar Staff, Outdoor Instructors, Restaurant Managers,  Waiters and Waitresses, Marketing Associate Professionals, Hotel Managers, Catering Managers,  Kitchen Assistants.

What's in it for you?

  • Work/life balance. Flexible and part time hours in some posts.
  • Progression. Opportunity to enter on the ground floor and work your way to the very top.
  • Variety. Lots of different experiences and opportunities, so no two days are the same.
  • People. Work and learn as part of a team.

Interested? What next?

Get networking.

Networking and word of mouth are important in the tourism and hospitality industries. These jobs involve daily contact with the public, so employers look for people who are approachable and good communicators. Why not pop into a local hotel, restaurant or activity centre to introduce yourself and leave a CV with them? 
Build your network of contacts to sell yourself.

Get experience.

Many choose to work in the industry first and experience the variety of jobs available before deciding which career path they want to follow. Get as much work experience as you can! 

Social skills.

With 44% of customers using digital platforms to book holidays, search for things to do, share images and content or post reviews; digital know-how and social media expertise are useful skills that employers in tourism are looking for. Also remember many employers use twitter and facebook to advertise jobs. 

Getting in.

If you are interested in working your way to the top of the industry, there are many opportunities to progress in Tourism and Hospitality. Many of the jobs in the industry are practical and don’t need qualifications to start with. You could follow an apprenticeship route which will allow you to learn on the job, gain a qualification and earn a wage. To search for an apprenticeship, find a course or get more information on Careers in tourism go to

Download the leaflet below:

Careers Wales Leaflet

Did you know?

  • Outdoor activity tourism in Wales is worth £481million. 
  • That’s 8,000 jobs in Wales
  • Tourists spend around £14million a day, that’s £5.1billion a year