Farming Connect ICT Programme

Do you want to improve your IT skills?


*Please note: due to the Coronavirus, all face to face training and workshops have been postponed. Computers for Beginners has been transformed into a fully funded home course, one-to-one tutoring for those with basic IT skills is being held digitally or on the telephone and we have a variety of webinars available. Do get in touch if any of these are a suitable alternative for you.*

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Farming Connect provides fully funded computer training for eligible farm and forestry businesses registered with Farming Connect.

We live in a digital age!  The most progressive farm and forestry businesses are tapping into its benefits – but only if they have the right IT skills!

Whatever your skill level, computer training could help you…

  • manage your business more efficiently
  • reduce your paperwork
  • save you time and money

For complete beginners

  • ICT beginners 1
    A six week training course, provided via a two-hour session per week
  • Six computer-based modules all designed to give you IT skills you can use within your business
  • Friendly, accessible classes, delivered throughout Wales by local land-based college tutors at a level and pace to suit everyone

You can learn how to:

  • Use Microsoft Word
  • Create and manage spreadsheets
  • Create and manage emails
  • Utilise the internet for your business
  • Connect your business through social media
  • Guide to the Welsh Government website and Module Re-cap


One-to-one tutoring for those with basic IT skills

  • ICT home visits
    Up to two fully funded two-hour home visits from specialist IT tutors
  • Training tailored to your requirements focusing on any problems or gaps in your knowledge

You can learn how to:

  • Access useful websites relevant to your business
  • Utilise any software packages you have purchased
  • Resolve any IT related issues on your own personal device (eg PC, laptop, tablet, mobile phone)


Workshops for individuals who want to learn about the latest IT technology

ICT workshops

Fully funded workshops will teach you how to integrate the latest IT technology into your own business.

Workshops will be arranged in the evening at locations throughout Wales.

Click here for up and coming topics, dates and locations.


You can learn how:

  • Technology can be utilised within your farm and forestry business
  • Technology is being utilised and benefiting other modern businesses


    To access fully funded IT training, you must be registered with Farming Connect.

    To see our Privacy Notice for these, please click here.

    To register an interest for IT training, click here.