Prosper from Pasture

Prosper from Pasture

Well-managed pasture is at the core of productive, profitable and environmentally beneficial livestock systems, which produce nutritious and high-quality milk and meat. Pasture is our competitive advantage. However, whilst it’s the easiest crop to grow, it can be the hardest to manage!  

That’s why Farming Connect have developed Prosper from Pasture – a continuous professional development programme that will develop your knowledge and confidence in pasture management through an engaging mix of discussion groups and virtual and on-farm meetings featuring expert advisers and experienced farmers.  


*The application window is now closed.*


Here's Aled Evans, Farmers Weekly 2021 “Beef Farmer of the Year” and one of our first Prosper from Pasture participants, discussing how his business has benefitted.  


This programme is open to all livestock farmers* who want to develop their knowledge and skills, whilst sharing their experiences with other like-minded people. It provides support for everyone who wants to improve the use of pasture in their livestock system, allowing new support networks to be formed through regional discussion groups.

Previous participants have been able to apply what they have learnt and reduce input costs whilst improving output. Therefore, if you’re wondering how you will maintain production whilst using less nitrogen fertiliser or concerned about changes to the farm support payments, then do something pro-active and join the programme now! Click on the links below for more information on each level, including entry requirements and the application form.  

  • Entry Level – Principles of soil health, pasture management and grazing systems.
  • Master Grass – Practical skills to implement and improve grazing management on your farm.   
  • Advanced Level – Expert support to increase and optimise your use of pasture.    

To apply, please complete the application form on the relevant level page.  

If applying for the first time, check out the ‘Entry requirements’ section of each level to see which would be most suitable for your current experience. If you have already completed the Entry Level, then you have the opportunity to apply for Master Grass. If you have already completed Master Grass, then you may apply for Advanced Level.  

*Each participant will need to confirm that their business has a valid (max 5 years old) Nutrient Management Plan. (Funding is available towards a Nutrient Management Plan. Please contact your local Farming Connect development officer for further information.)