Environmental Policy

The development of an environmental policy is a key action in the process of becoming a sustainable business. It is always best to personalise an environmental policy in order to communicate your message rather than it being just a piece of paper with words.  

If you are writing a policy to be compliant with an Environmental Accreditation Scheme or Environmental Management System (EMS), then there will be guidelines contained within the scheme as to what wording as a minimum must be included. Generally speaking, environmental policies are usually only on one side of an A4 sheet of paper. Whilst being a public statement of your business’s environmental commitments, it is not legally binding. 
Once you have written your environmental policy, you should share it with all your staff and other colleagues who will have an input in delivering it.  Policies are only worth having if acted upon and once in place, you should work with staff to develop an action plan to implement the policy and establish procedures for an annual review. It is also good practice to make it available to all by, for example, putting it on the website, guests’ folders or in reception. 


An example of a simple but effective environmental policy.


ABC Caravan Park Environmental Policy
ABC Caravan Park is located on the coast of Wales. It caters for static and touring caravans. 

ABC Caravan Park recognises the importance of the environment to our business and our obligation to comply with all relevant environmental legislation. We have a relatively low impact on the environment. The main impacts are the use of energy and water, generation of waste and waste waters.

Therefore, ABC Caravan Park is committed to pollution prevention and will:

 - minimise energy usage and waste
 - re-cycle waste materials
 - raise awareness of our customers about our local environment
 - encourage our customers to use their cars less and walk to local beaches
 - manage our natural hedgerows and landscape the park to minimise the visual impact and to encourage wildlife
This policy will be maintained and reviewed annually and all views of our customers and staff will be welcomed.

Policy issue date 01/09/13