Green accreditation and award schemes

Many businesses already have good practices in place to enhance sustainability, so why not use this as a marketing tool as well as using it to reduce overheads? There are potential guests that do not just look at the obvious ways to choose a place to stay such as the quality and cost, but also how a place operates in terms of sustainability. 

Tap into the 'green' market and keeping it real

If you’re already working hard to be more sustainable, it’s time to find how to make your customers know about it and enjoy it. Keeping it real is all about recognising that authenticity makes your customers’ holidays more fun and their business trips more pleasant. 

Join an environmental accreditation scheme

Many businesses that operate sustainably including, but not limited to those that have a formal environmental management system in place, have been marketing their successes for a long time. Often businesses that have met the requirements of the Green Tourism Business Scheme, Green Dragon, Green Key, or other standards have the accompanying logos printed on their own or others marketing material to demonstrate to visitors that they are taking sustainability seriously and not just applying ‘Greenwash’ to their business. 

Businesses that seek to operate in a sustainable manner are normally quite adept at tapping into the potential that this may bring in terms of increasing visitors numbers.