Work with your community

Always respect the needs of the surrounding community and the local culture, heritage and traditions. Try to identify ways in which the local community can benefit from the presence of your business. 

For example:

  • Hold open days for local people. They can get to know your business and you can get to know them. Why not offer reduced admission rates to those living locally?
  • Support other tourism-related businesses in partnership with the community. For instance, promoting craft products which use local labour and materials will result in money being re-circulated in the local area. This is significant in rural areas where there can be issues regarding unemployment. This also boosts the visitor’s ‘feel good factor’, as they have a holiday souvenir which is authentic to the area. They also have the knowledge that they have supported the local economy.
  • Always endeavour to use locally provided services and products where possible.
  • Employ and train local workers where possible. This has obvious benefits for the community and also brings added value for the visitor through the provision of local knowledge and advice that will enhance their stay.
  • Why not contact local groups, such as local history or wildlife societies, to gain a greater understanding of the locality. This information could be used for themed local walks. This could increase visitor engagement.
  • Just as your business may benefit the community, they in turn benefit you. The management of the landscape, schemes such as 'Wales in Bloom', measures to support the culture and language, all add to that important ‘Sense of Place’ that is a major draw for visitors. Therefore, why not offer your support to local community projects with money, time and resources.
  • Bring local initiatives to the attention of your visitors as they may want to give their support, which may lead to re-visits.