Welsh Government Brexit White Paper and subsequent policy papers

The Welsh Government launched a White Paper, Securing Wales' Future PDF (2.8Mb) published in January 2017 that set out the main strategic priorities for achieving the best possible outcome for Wales from Brexit.

The White Paper was followed by a series of Brexit policy paper outlining in further detail the Welsh Government’s proposals for leaving the EU and reforming the UK.

Policy papers to date:

Brexit and our Land PDF (3.2Mb) proposes a new Land Management Programme to support Welsh farmers post-Brexit, replacing the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

Welsh Government’s vision for a fundamentally different constitutional relationship between the devolved governments and the UK Government was outlined in Brexit and Devolution PDF (0.6Mb)

Brexit and Fair Movement of People PDF (1.4Mb) set’s out proposals for a new migration system that links migration more closely to employment and tackles exploitation of workers.

Regional Investment after Brexit PDF (1.8Mb) outlines proposals for future regional investment, with funding and decisions remaining with the Welsh Government.

Trade Policy: the issues for Wales PDF (1.7Mb) sets out the Welsh Government’s proposals for trade post-Brexit and made the case for the UK retaining full access to the European Single Market and membership of a customs union.

Reforming UK fiscal and funding arrangements after Brexit PDF (0.2Mb) suggests proposals to design a new funding system to guarantee fair and continuing investment for Wales and the rest of the UK.

In February 2018, the EU Exit scenario report PDF for the food, fisheries, farming, forestry and the environment sectors was published.

UK Government have released a series of technical notices which are available on the GOV.UK website.

The EU’s preparedness guidance notices are available on the European Commission website.