Future-proofing Toolkit

Future-proofing Toolkit

Inspired by the Well-Being of Future Generations of Wales Act, businesses, the public sector and people across Wales are taking steps to make the nation a better place to live and work. You can join the journey by future-proofing your business to enhance its sustainability and prosperity.

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Future-proofing Toolkit

Well-Being of Future Generations of Wales Act

Wales faces a number of challenges now and in the future, such as climate change, poverty, health inequalities and jobs and growth. To tackle these the Act recognises we need to work together. To give current and future generations a good quality of life we need to think about the long-term impact of the decisions we make.

How the Future-proofing Toolkit works
Future-proofing Toolkit

How the Future-proofing Toolkit works

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The Seven Well-Being Goals
Future-proofing Toolkit

The Seven Well-Being Goals

The 7 well-being goals are useful principles for creating stronger, robust businesses.

A Prosperous Wales

How do we achieve a prosperous Wales? We can start with a prosperous business - an innovative, productive and low carbon business, using resources efficiently and proportionately.

A Resilient Wales

A resilient business can lead to a Resilient Wales - Working towards a business environment that supports social, economic and ecological resilience with the capacity and capability to change.

A Healthier Wales

A healthier Wales can come from a healthier business and environment - a business which looks after their employee’s physical and mental well-being and recognises that any choices and behaviour changes it develops impact positively on the future health of its employees and the future health of people within the immediate locality and Wales as a whole.

A More Equal Wales

A more equal environment in your business can result in a more equal Wales to live and work - A business that enables their staff, their supply chain and their customers to fulfil their potential no matter what their background or circumstances.

A Wales of Cohesive Communities

A business that supports cohesive communities supports the growth of those communities in Wales - a business that ensures their activities, both internally and externally help in creating attractive, viable, safe and well-connected communities and places to live and work.

A Wales of Vibrant Culture and Welsh Language

A Wales of vibrant culture and Welsh language can be supported through those activities in your business - a business that helps promote and protect the Welsh language and culture; encouraging people to participate in arts, sports and recreation.

A Globally Responsible Wales

A globally responsible business can feed into helping wales become globally responsible - a business that takes in to account whether their actions are making a positive contribution to the economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales and ultimately, global well-being.

The Five Ways of Working
Future-proofing Toolkit

The Five Ways of Working

The Well-Being of Future Generations Act promotes five ways of working that can help organisations avoid repeating past mistakes and be better equipped to tackle long-term challenges. These represent a great best practice guide. Can you apply them to your business operation and strategy?


Remember to consider your long-term goals and their impacts when aiming to meet short-term needs.


Align your business objectives with your Future-Proofing Goals to guarantee a robust and healthy business both now and in the future.


Engage people at all levels, from both within and beyond the borders of your organisation to help you achieve your goals.


Create opportunities to work collaboratively inside and outside your business to assist you in meeting your objectives, as well as the needs of future generations.


Recognise and avoid potential problems facing your business – as well as any it might cause - through proactive planning and contingencies.

Future-proofing Toolkit

Real life examples

The following short films highlight how some companies in Wales have utilised sustainability principles alongside their daily activities. You’ll also be able to see how they have embraced the Well-being of Future Generations and how they have embedded elements of the act within their business. Small changes can make a big difference to a business and its future.

RM Group

RM Group

RM Group have looked at tackling regional equality and promoting fair work. The way in which they work means they sit within 3 areas of the 7 goals:

  • A prosperous Wales
  • A Wales of cohesive communities
  • A more equal Wales


Riversimple have looked at driving sustainable growth and combatting climate change. The way in which they work means that they sit within 4 areas of the 7 goals:

  • A globally responsible Wales
  • A prosperous Wales
  • A resilient Wales
  • A Wales of Cohesive Communities
Future-proofing Toolkit

Let’s get started

The Business Future-proofing Toolkit will help you on the journey in preparing your business for the future.

Future-proofing Toolkit

Our team of Business Advisors can provide practical help on how to future-proof your business.

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