Elliots Hill, under the leadership of Sally and Simon Clarke, has become a symbol of innovation and compassion in the Welsh care sector. Specialising in community outreach, assisted living, and residential care, they transformed a family business into a beacon of excellence in the care sector. Their approach to integrating modern management techniques and technology - with a laser-like focus on service quality and employee well-being – redefines caregiving. 

Facing the inherent challenges of the care industry, including stringent funding constraints and the complexities of public sector contracts, Sally and Simon have navigated Elliots Hill through a period of significant growth and transformation, particularly considering recent external challenges, including Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Today, Elliots Hill boasts a robust portfolio of care services, a testament to its successful expansion and the positive impact of its innovative strategies. 


Here, Sally and Simon Clarke share insights into their business and explain how the Accelerated Growth Programme has been instrumental in their journey.



Tell us about Elliots Hill. 
Elliots Hill came from our vision to modernise and expand a family-run care service. We aimed to create a company where quality care and employee welfare are at the forefront. We took bold steps, acquiring complementary businesses and adopting new management structures and technologies, significantly improving our service delivery and operational efficiency. 

Our journey was about more than business growth; it was about embedding a culture of care and compassion across our services. This culture has been our guiding star, particularly during the challenging times. We've introduced a unique approach to care that focuses on personalised service and employee empowerment. By leveraging technology, we've enhanced our service quality and provided our staff with tools that empower them to concentrate more on care and less on administrative tasks. 

We are proud of our sustainable model, where care is a service and a heartfelt commitment to our community. Our growth and service expansion has allowed us to touch more lives than ever. 


How has the Business Wales Accelerated Growth Programme supported your growth journey?
AGP has been instrumental in our growth. Their expertise in strategic planning, financial management, and technology integration guided us through crucial phases of our expansion. AGP's support in refining our business strategy was invaluable, especially during the pandemic. 

Also, their expert support around organisational structure and marketing strategies has been particularly impactful. They helped us navigate the complexities of the care sector and remain competitive in a challenging landscape. 


What challenges have you faced, and how did you overcome them?
One of our biggest challenges, was adapting to the rapidly changing landscape during Brexit and the pandemic. We had to rethink our recruitment strategies and operational models to maintain the high standards of care we are committed to. 

The introduction of technology was a cornerstone of our transformation journey. AGP played a crucial role in this transition, helping us integrate digital solutions that have since become integral to our operations. They assisted us with the introduction of 'digital robots' and using software like Excel in a more sophisticated way, which freed up time for staff, allowing for better analysis and planning. These changes streamlined our operations and enabled us to take a more data-driven approach to decision-making. 


What are your future aspirations for Elliots Hill?
We aim to continue expanding our reach in Wales, providing high-quality care and creating more job opportunities in the sector. We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation in all aspects of our services. 

We also aim to integrate more Welsh language and culture into our services, ensuring inclusivity and respect for the diverse needs of our community. 


What advice would you share with other entrepreneurs in the care sector? 
Be open to learning: Embrace a continuous learning mindset for personal development and business growth. 

Seek improvement and efficiency: Always look for ways to enhance service quality and operational efficiency. Regularly review and refine processes to stay ahead in a challenging world. 

Embrace technology:  In an era where technology drives progress, adopt digital solutions proactively. Use technology to enhance service delivery, streamline operations, and stay competitive. 

Seek support and guidance: Programmes like AGP can provide invaluable support and insights to help navigate complexity. 



To learn more about Elliots Hill, click here.  

Click here for further information on the Business Wales Accelerated Growth Programme. 


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