Keto Pro, founded by Richard Smith, is a beacon of innovation in the health and wellness industry. Born from Richard's health struggles with Type 2 diabetes, Keto Pro has evolved from a single shop in Neath to an online powerhouse with a turnover exceeding £1m. As a British and European men's physique bodybuilding champion, Richard brings a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to the business.  

The keto diet, characterised by its high-fat, moderate-protein, and low-carbohydrate approach, promotes weight loss, enhances energy levels, and improves blood sugar control, making it a popular lifestyle choice for health-conscious people. Keto Pro offers a wide range of keto-friendly products and engages with its community through educational content, workshops, and a popular YouTube channel. The central ethos of the business is to make the keto lifestyle for everyone.  

Keto Pro's journey from a personal health crisis to a thriving business is a powerful example of how passion, resilience, and strategic support can create a lasting impact. Richard Smith's dedication to sharing the benefits of the Keto diet has transformed his life and positioned Keto Pro as a leader in health and wellness.



We caught up with Richard to learn more about his journey from a start-up to a thriving e-commerce brand.  


Tell us about the origins of Keto Pro.
The business came about because of my personal journey with the Keto diet, which dramatically improved my health. Recognising the challenge of finding quality Keto products, I started with a shop in Neath, which was a big success, and we then expanded online. Our mission is to make the Keto lifestyle accessible to everybody, providing a range of products and educational resources to support our customers' health journeys. 


What challenges have you faced, and how did you overcome them
Early on, I underestimated the demands of running a business. Financial management was a steep learning curve, especially controlling costs and cash flow. With guidance from our Accelerated Growth Programme relationship manager, we refined our financial strategies, enabling us to grow profitably. The pandemic, perhaps surprisingly, offered growth opportunities for us as our website attracted more customers seeking health-conscious solutions. 


Reflecting on your journey, what would you have done differently?
If I could start over, I'd focus more on planning and securing a dedicated business premises sooner. At one stage, our house was full of boxes of products, and we had to squeeze past them to go upstairs!  


What has been your proudest moment in business?
Our most significant milestones were developing our own brand and reaching a £1m turnover. Knowing we are helping more people embrace a healthier lifestyle is a wonderful feeling, especially as I have faced my own health challenges. That impact is what motivates me every day. 


How has the Accelerated Growth Programme supported your growth?
The Accelerated Growth Programme has been instrumental in our development, from financial planning to expanding our online presence. Their support has helped us navigate operational challenges and positioned us for significant growth. We're looking forward to working with our relationship manager to refine our marketing strategies further and continue our expansion.  


What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs? 

  • Start with a solid plan but be prepared to adapt. 
  • Hard work is non-negotiable; brace yourself for long hours and challenges. 
  • Access the advice and support from programmes such as the Accelerated Growth Programme. Finding good quality business support is crucial because you can't know everything.


Learn more about Keto Pro here. 

Further information on the Business WalesAccelerated Growth Programme.

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