In 2012, Richard Selby and Justin Marriott embarked on a venture to transform the steel industry. They aimed to establish a company that prioritised exceptional service and innovative solutions.

Pro Steel Engineering's journey began modestly in Selby's front room, quickly escalating to a significant operation with over £10m turnover. The company's growth trajectory epitomises its commitment to innovation, consistently embracing and adapting to new market challenges. Today, Pontypool-based Pro Steel Engineering has redefined industry standards in steel fabrication and engineering, aided by support from the Business Wales Accelerated Growth Programme.

Here, founder Richard Selby shares the company's journey, challenges, and future aspirations, along with what he believes is the essence of Pro Steel's remarkable success.


Tell us about Pro Steel Engineering.
At its core, Pro Steel offers comprehensive structural steel solutions, ranging from initial consultation to project execution. Our operations encompass various projects, including intricate components for automated warehouses and large-scale ventures in the aviation and sports infrastructure sectors.The hallmark of Pro Steel is our solution-oriented approach, where personalised service and problem-solving are not just goals but standards we set in every project.

Our team thrives in a collaborative and innovative environment. Each team member brings unique expertise, contributing to a collective effort that drives the company towards achieving remarkable feats in every project we deliver.

What have been some of the most significant challenges you've faced in your growth journey, and how did you overcome them?
We have faced various challenges, particularly in staffing and skills. The skills shortage in the industry prompted us to innovate in our recruitment strategies. We've partnered with local educational institutions for apprenticeships and engaged with local prisons for training programs, which have been vital in addressing our workforce needs.

We proactively engage with military veterans, who often need quality employment opportunities when they leave the forces. We also work with the local authority to mobilise people in long-term unemployment into work.

Recruiting women to the team is always a challenge but something we treat as an active priority. We're working with local schools in Torfaen to enhance the sector's perception and encourage people of all backgrounds to join our industry. We're passionate about educating and inspiring young people in our local communities about all the opportunities we can offer in this sector, and we see this work as integral to building a pipeline of future talent.

Can you tell us about how diversification has underpinned your growth?
Since our inception, Pro Steel has strategically expanded into diverse markets, tapping into new sectors and opportunities. Our growth has been characterised by a willingness to explore uncharted territories, from major infrastructure projects to niche industrial applications. This diversification is not just geographical but also in the variety of projects we undertake, ensuring resilience and adaptability in a fast-moving industry.

Can you share some of your flagship contracts and projects you are most proud of?
One of our proudest achievements is the creation of the 22-tonne red dragon at the ICC Wales in Newport, a symbol of our craftsmanship and innovation. Other notable projects include our contributions to the Olympic and Twickenham stadiums in London and the recent SCALE The Stadium attraction in Cardiff. These projects not only showcase our technical prowess but also our ability to deliver unique and challenging constructions.

What is Pro Steel's approach to sustainability?
Sustainability is integral to Pro Steel's ethos. We have undertaken many proactive initiatives, such as transitioning to green energy sources and reducing our carbon footprint. This is important to us, as we want to lead by example in the sector and demonstrate our commitment to environmental stewardship. We plan to focus on renewable energy projects and decarbonisation strategies, representing our next significant steps towards industry leadership and sustainable practices.

How has the support of the Business Wales Accelerated Growth Programme influenced Pro Steel's growth and development?
Our involvement with AGP spans over seven years, and their support has been a game-changer for us. The range of services provided by AGP, from export support to recruitment strategy assistance, has played a crucial role in our development and success.

Support from AGP has been a fundamental pillar in our growth story. The multifaceted support has enabled us to explore new markets, embrace innovative technologies, and strengthen our position in the competitive global landscape.

What advice would you give to budding entrepreneurs?

Take advice but follow your instinct.


Learn more about ProSteel, visit here.

Further information on the Business Wales Accelerated Growth Programme


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