Situated in Cardiff, WeGetDesign emerged in late 2017 as a small tech start-up with an expansive vision. Specialising in scalable Software as a Service (SaaS) and back-office infrastructure, the company has grown to 14 full-time staff members and several external contractors. Boasting an impressive year-over-year growth rate, WeGetDesign has become a significant player in the tech industry.

Managing Director Omar Moulani recounts how WeGetDesign transcended its humble beginnings to become a global leader in technology solutions.


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Tell us about WeGetDesign.
Founded in 2017, WeGetDesign has always been about more than just software development. Our mission extends to crafting customisable, efficient solutions that drive various industries forward.Our growth strategy is twofold: we focus on organic customer acquisition and spin-off new limited companies based on the tech apps we develop in-house.

With a diverse product offering, we've expanded our services to cater to global organisations. Serving sectors ranging from finance to healthcare, we are a one-stop solution for customised tech needs. We have created projects internally through our 'Labs' scheme. Some of these include, which focuses on educational solutions,, a project management tool and, a digital document signer platform.


What challenges have you faced during this transformation?
Our journey hasn't been plain sailing. Initially, our team was small, juggling multiple roles ranging from administrative and financial management to development work. The weight of these responsibilities often seemed overwhelming. Another roadblock was client acquisition. While word-of-mouth recommendations got us off the ground, we aspired to build a broader, global client base.

In hindsight, we probably ventured into too many markets too quickly. Although our enthusiasm was high, this scattergun approach may have diluted our focus and impacted our growth. In our eagerness to grow, we stretched ourselves too thin by entering markets like e-commerce and healthcare without adequate focus. This led us to reassess and narrow our target markets.

If we could do it again, our strategy would involve a more concentrated effort on a single core business line, allowing us to become experts in that area before diversifying.

The Accelerated Growth Programme, particularly our Relationship Manager Nicola Rylett-Jones, has given us vital support with this. Working with them helped refine our marketing strategies and develop a more explicit value proposition. This support was a game-changer for us, extending our reach beyond what we thought possible.


How have you adapted to these challenges?
Like all start-ups, we have faced many challenges and chose to see them as stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks.

For instance, when we struggled with workload management in our early days, we viewed it as an opportunity to grow our team and delegate more effectively. To manage workloads better, we implemented agile methodologies, enhancing our project delivery timelines. This eased the burden on our original team members and led to more specialised, efficient work.

Our collaboration with the Accelerated Growth Programme was pivotal in overcoming the challenge of expanding our client base. Their expert advice helped us fine-tune our marketing initiatives and connect with clients beyond our initial reach, such as large charities and commercial global enterprises. With this support, we initiated targeted digital marketing campaigns to attract potential clients in new markets.


What is your proudest moment in business?
Two moments truly stand out. The first was when donation software we developed for NZF, a charity, generated an astonishing £7.5 million in just a month. It was an eye-opener, showing us the tangible impact our technology could have on the world.

The second was landing a contract with the well-established hedge fund Blantyre Capital. This wasn't just a business achievement; it was a validation of the quality and reliability of our services.

These landmark projects have boosted our portfolio and encouraged us to look for ways to create social impact through technology.


How has support from Business Wales helped your business?
We have benefitted immensely from the support provided by various Welsh Government schemes. Apart from direct funding and non-payable grants, the Accelerated Growth Programme (AGP) has been particularly beneficial. AGP work packages have enabled us to refine our brand and extend our services, contributing to our impressive year-on-year growth and workforce expansion.

This support has been instrumental in fine-tuning our branding and extending our services, contributing to a 40% growth year on year and doubling our workforce.


What advice would you give to budding entrepreneurs?


· ● Prioritise client work; it's the backbone that supports your growth.


· ● Standardise processes early on to maintain a consistent quality of deliverables.


· ● Delegate tasks to allow team members to specialise, enhancing overall productivity.


· ● Focus on a long-term vision to steer your company in the right direction.


· ● Cultivate a strong support network to navigate challenges effectively.


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